3 Reasons to Create a Pressure Washing Schedule for Your Business

Every business professional knows that time is money, and that time wasted is money lost.  Regularly scheduled tasks that keep your business and professional office buildings, exteriors, and parking lots in peak condition, such as janitorial services or landscaping services, are an investment in your business and ensure that your clients and customers have a first-class experience.

3 Reasons to Create a Pressure Washing Schedule for Your Business

Creating a pressure washing schedule for your business is just as vital.  The exterior surfaces of your buildings, the concrete sidewalks and driveways, and the parking lots require regular pressure washing to protect your investment as well as create a sparkling and welcoming appearance to your customers and employees.

Consider these three main reasons to create a pressure washing schedule for your business:


Over time, and during key seasons of the year, your exterior surfaces – concrete, siding, asphalt – accumulate a significant amount of dirt, grime, animal debris, bird droppings, and mildew.  Scheduling annual, semi-annual, or even quarterly pressure washing of your building or office exteriors guarantees that your business will have a clean facade year-round.

Concrete Lifespan

Buildings with concrete exterior walls, or any concrete pathways, sidewalks, driveways, or parking lots, are particularly vulnerable to damages over time.  Dirt, grime, and mildew can all contribute to the breakdown of concrete surfaces, leaving pockmarks, cracks, and even rifts.  A pressure washing cleaning schedule will help to extend the lifespan of your concrete exterior surfaces.

Reduce Liability

Mildew and mold are not only detrimental to the appearance and lifespan of your concrete surfaces, but they can also create fall risks.  As mildew accumulates on concrete surfaces, the buildup becomes slippery and treacherous to walk upon in damp or wet conditions.  Customers, clients, and employees may all be at risk for falls, creating a greater liability risk to you as the business owner.  Regularly scheduled pressure washing removes mildew and reduces this risk.

Don’t wait until your building exteriors appearances are dingy with grime and mildew –contact us today to set up an evaluation and to create a pressure washing schedule for your business that keeps your exteriors both beautiful and safe.

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