5 Places Where Organic Growth Can Damage Your Commercial Properties

Even if you only inspect your properties occasionally, organic growth can creep on your buildings so slowly you don’t notice it. But it can also strike quickly and cause a lot of damage once it builds up. Here’s where it can grow and damage your commercial properties.

5 Places Where Organic Growth Can Damage Your Commercial Properties

1. Mold and moss build up on the brick grout.

Dirt will cake onto your brick walls, especially after a heavy rainstorm breaks up the soil. Eventually, that mud will dry and can easily peel away from the brick itself. But it will stay in the grout and crevices of your brick. That’s the perfect place for moss and ivy to find a foothold and start digging deeper into the material.

2. Plant debris lingers around your roof’s shingles.

Your roof is also exposed to a lot of plant debris. Pollen, flowers, and weed spore can land on the shingles and start digging into the edges. If you have old shingles, they might even find their way past the tar seal. But make sure you don’t pressure wash your shingles; you need a company with a specially designed soft wash process just for roofs.

3. Check the eaves for pests and moss.

Any time your properties have nooks and crannies that plants or pests can hide in, they’re going to hide there. Moss, nests, and webs can linger in the eaves of your properties.

4. Wooden decks hold onto roots and spores.

Wooden material is very porous. Even if it’s stained or sealed, the surface is rough enough to small root systems to take hold. Given enough time, moss, mold, and weeds can dig through the coating and into the wood itself. That can weaken the material and turn your deck into a liability.

5. Organic debris can dye your fence green.

The same rules apply for wooden fencing. Even if the surface is stained or sealed, plants can start growing across the surface and give your fence a light green film. While it doesn’t cause too much structural damage, it can make potential tenants think the property isn’t well-managed.

No matter what surfaces you need pressure washed, Kelley Property Care can help. Contact our team here get started. and prevent more damage to your commercial properties.

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