Benefits of Commercial Driveway Cleaning

A clean driveway does a lot to improve the appearance of your property. When it’s free of debris and grime, it not only gives a neat, aesthetic appearance, but provides other perks as well. While cleaning your driveway may seem like a do-it-yourself project, hiring a professional to take care of this job regularly has additional benefits you may not be aware of.  Benefits of Commercial Driveway Cleaning

Benefits of Commercial Driveway Cleaning

Stain Removal

Some stains, like oil, rust, and deeply-embedded dirt and grime are nearly impossible to remove yourself. Professional cleaning equipment and commercial-strength products can mean the difference between a driveway which is merely cleaner than before and one which looks new again. Bright, uniformly-clean concrete or asphalt really pop when it comes to curb appeal.


Sludge, mildew, algae, and dirt make the surface of the driveway slippery, which poses a hazard both in and out of your vehicle. Especially during and after it rains or in periods of high humidity, your car’s tire treads don’t adhere well in these conditions. This is especially dangerous if your driveway is on a slope. Driveway buildup also increases the chances of slips and falls.


Over time, the dirty film on your driveway will begin to erode your asphalt or concrete. This causes pitting and cracks which will then need to be filled and maintained. Driveway pitting and patching can seem like a never-ending cycle, as plants take root inside and can cause further damage. Having your driveway regularly cleaned by a professional removes the surface film before it embeds more deeply and becomes a problem, saving you costly repairs down the road.


When the professionals at Kelley Property Care pressure wash your driveway, we’ll take every factor into consideration, such as the correct pressure per square inch and appropriate water flow for the surface being cleaned. We tailor our services to the unique needs of each project. We not only wash concrete and asphalt driveways, but also paver stones, walkways, and patios. Contact us today to make your driveway bright, safe, and new again!

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