Can Your Hardscape Landscaping Features Be Pressure-Washed?

Hardscaping features and outdoor relaxation areas are becoming more and more popular across commercial properties. Whether you manage an office park or an apartment complex, outdoor fixtures like paths, benches, and gazebos are a big part of landscaping. Usually, brushing brick and flagstone surfaces is enough to keep them clean. But over time, stains and algae can work their way onto the surfaces and dry brushing isn’t enough. If you see chemical stains or rust, even exterior soap and a hose might not have enough cleaning power to remove the stains. In those circumstances, hire a professional pressure washing company to make your hardscape landscaping look like new.

Pressure washing can ruin concrete and paver features if it isn’t done correctly. But professionals can keep your hardscapes safe because:

Can Your Hardscape Landscaping Features Be Pressure-Washed?

They know which pressure settings to use.

Using high-pressure settings on grout lines or the edges between flagstones and pavers can destroy new hardscapes. The water can crack the joint or push the sand and gravel layers away in a slurry of water. Even concrete can be damaged if thin, forceful blasts of water carve lines into the surface.

They know how to operate the hose.

At first glance, pressure-washing is simple. But a great deal of invisible technique goes into operating the equipment. Pressurized water has to hit the surface of different materials at just the right angle to avoid cutting grooves into the surface and to minimize pressure on stone edges. Professionals also know how to keep the hose moving at the right speed to avoid over-exposure or spotty cleaning.

They know which cleaning chemicals to use on different surfaces.

Sometimes water isn’t enough. But bricks, concrete, and pavers all need slightly different cleaning agents to avoid discoloration or damage. Different chemicals also target dirt, algae, and rust to different degrees. Hire a professional both for their expert-level equipment and their expert-level knowledge.

If your property’s hardscapes look a bit dim, go to Kelley Property Care to schedule an appointment.

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