Does Pressure Washing Damage Concrete?

One of the most transformative cleaning processes that you can do to your home or business is pressure washing the concrete so it looks like it was freshly poured. You might not even realize how dirty your sidewalk or driveway are until the process starts, but the results are always amazing.

Does Pressure Washing Damage Concrete?

Yet, some may wonder if concrete can be damaged by pressure washing. The short answer is yes, and it is why pressure washing should be best left to professionals unless you know what you are doing.

In theory, anything with enough pressure behind it can eventually corrode your concrete, brick, or other stone surfaces. A scrub brush can damage concrete, but humans generally aren’t capable of putting enough pressure behind it. Unfortunately, pressure washing doesn’t rely on human muscle power, and as such can easily do permanent damage to your concrete surface if you are not careful.

Another issue with DIY concrete pressure washing is that like different stones, even different concrete is sturdier than others. So the pressure your neighbor used on their patio may not be appropriate for the concrete on your patio.

Using too high of pressure or even leaving the nozzle directed at one areas for too long can cause pitting, lines, or deteriorated joints. Luckily, cleaning your concrete is not something that needs to be done like some weekly chore. It is something that you really only need done every year or so, and that is something you don’t need your own pressure washer sitting in a garage gathering dust for. If your home or business has concrete that looks a little dark or stained, we can help.

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