Graffiti Removal Companies: Which one is Right for the Job?

Graffiti is just plain unsightly, and damages more than just the aesthetics of a building. It can lower the overall property value and make a neighborhood or business district appear unsafe. After all, the exterior of the buildings projects an image to your guests, neighbors, and customers. So, when your home or business is the target of graffiti vandals, removing it quickly should be the utmost importance. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best graffiti removal company that is right for the job so you don’t waste your (or the company’s) time and money.

Graffiti Removal Companies: Which one is Right for the Job?

Determine the Surface & Graffiti Substance

If repainting the entire building is simply not an option, it will be helpful to the contractor to understand the type of surface and the graffiti substance. What is the exterior of your building made of? Brick? Stucco? Concrete? Vinyl siding? Wood? Does the graffiti extend onto other areas, such as a garage door, window pane or rain gutters? Different types of materials may require different approaches. Doing your best to gather this information on your initial call will help speed up the process tremendously.


Ask the businesses around you or your neighbors if they have used a graffiti removal company in the past and get their insight into the process. After all, the best experiences usually come by word-of-mouth recommendations. Also, check online reviews of a potential graffiti removal company to make sure a reputable company performs the work.

Affordability & Experience

Finding a balance of affordability and experience is very important. You want the pressure washing contractor to have the know-how take care of your walls and your wallet. As you gather your quotes, make sure to ask about the method they intend to use to ensure an inexperienced contractor won’t damage your property.

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