How Long Does a Soft Wash House Washing Take?

How long is soft wash house washing going to take? This is a common question, and we get it, you are busy and need to plan your day accordingly. Unfortunately, while the technician using the soft washing technique to wash your home can give you an estimate, typically they need to see your home first. There are several factors that will affect how long a soft wash house washing will take.

How Long Does a Soft Wash House Washing Take?

House Size Matters

The first thing that needs to be considered is size. Obviously a larger home or even one that is two stories will take longer than a small ranch house. Adding onto that, if your home has areas that might be more difficult to reach, such as numerous gables, it will take longer as the technician has to maneuver to reach them.

How Dirty is Your Home?

Has it been a long time since your home has been washed or one side gets particularly dirty due to exposure? This will add to the time. A soft wash, unlike a potentially damaging pressure-based wash, relies on lower water pressure laced with safe levels of bleach. This will dissolve dirt, mold, and algae, but the more saturated your home is, the longer it will take. It may even need gone over multiple times by the technician.

Getting an Accurate Estimate

If you are trying to plan your day around a potential house washing, you should be ready to tell the company how big your home is, how many stories it has, and when your last cleaning was or if there are areas of thick algae or mold growth. They should be able to give you a pretty good idea of how long it will take them.

If you have finally decided to get your home or driveway cleaned up with soft washing, contact us today. Kelley Property Care is dedicated to making sure that your home is left beautiful.

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