How to Remove Graffiti Without Damaging Your Building Exterior

Graffiti is innately frustrating because removing it is just one more thing you have to do that day. However, if you have never cleaned up graffiti, then you are about to learn a hard lesson. The worst part when you try to remove graffiti is that the act of cleaning it up often leaves either a permanent shadow of that graffiti or results in building damage.

How to Remove Graffiti Without Damaging Your Building Exterior

Graffiti  Removal

If graffiti happened on a smooth surface like glass or metal, then you might have gotten off lucky. Often scrubbing with warm water and gently scraping is enough to remove the paint. The problem areas come in materials like brick or wood. These materials have pores that allow spray paint to be absorbed. It is these pores that usually result in that shadow after hours of cleaning. You can never fully remove graffiti with just a wire brush and scrubbing. If you do, then you have permanently damaged the material or were lucky to get to the graffiti before it set too deeply.

If you have graffiti on a material that would be considered porous, the best way to clean it is to call a professional. There are dozens of “graffiti removing” cleansers marketed out there, but the most effective way to remove graffiti quickly from a building’s exterior without damage is to contact a pressure washing company that specializes in it. While pressure washing at high pressure can damage a building’s exterior as well, trust that a professional company knows how to keep your beautiful old brick safe while quickly removing an ugly tag.

If you live or own a business in South Central Texas and your property has come up with an incident of graffiti, don’t waste your time and energy scrubbing at it, contact us today so Kelley Property Care can make sure it is removed quickly and without further damage.

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