Concrete Pressure Washing

Concrete Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can truly transform concrete. Most customers are surprised at just how clean their concrete is after we finish our work. Not only does concrete pressure washing enhance curb appeal, pressure washing is also an important component in home maintenance and should be undertaken on a regular basis. Given enough time, things like oil and mold can permanently stain concrete; they need to be removed before the damage is done.

Concrete Pressure Washing Addresses:

  • dirt and mud
  • algae and mildew
  • oil
  • grease and grime
  • loose paint
  • gum

The key to pressure washing effectively is know-how. It is important to understand the pressure (psi) needed for the job. Though most concrete surfaces can withstand significant psi, there will be times when pressure needs to be dialed back. Water flow (gallons per minute, or gpm) comes into play here as well. The water flow determines how fast debris is being removed from the surface. Water flow needs will vary based on what is being cleaned. Heavily soiled surfaces need enough flow to move away particles lifted by the pressure. A thorough understanding of pressure washing safety is equally as important in this work. High pressure cleaning can result in potentially dangerous breakaway particles and the stream of water itself can injure people. Our concrete pressure washing technicians understand what is needed to complete the job safely.

Kelley Property Care has the knowledge and equipment needed to conduct your concrete pressure washing safely and effectively. Let us show what clean looks like. Contact us today for a free quote.

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