Roof Cleaning & House Washing

It’s dirty outside, and your home is not immune from it. The New Braunfels and South Central Texas area is especially rough on the exterior of homes in our area. Spring and fall storms bring strong winds carrying dirt and dust. Tree limbs and leaves come down. Summer heat bakes on sap and fallen blooms. And, drought season brings some truly serious dust. It is important to keep your home clean, and not just for appearance reasons. Dust and debris damages and erodes paint, wood and siding. It can permanently stain stone and brick. In addition to regular window cleaning, your exterior home cleaning should include roof and house washing.

Roof Cleaning & House Washing

Kelley Property Care uses the proven safe exterior cleaning method known as soft washing, which involves using less pressure than is found with traditional power washing methods. Soft washing may treat the exterior surface being cleaned delicately, but its cleaning power is hard core. Our soft washing can remove the unsightly and damaging funk that is on your siding and roof, including:

  • algae
  • mildew
  • bacteria
  • dirt
  • grime
  • dust

Kelley Property Care offers effective, reliable, affordable, and professional soft wash exterior cleaning services in New Braunfels and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for your free quote.



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