Window & Gutter Cleaning

Kelley Property Care is experienced in window and gutter cleaning. You can trust us to do the job thoroughly and efficiently. We service homes and small businesses, Fully licensed and insured, we’re ready to show you what real clean is.

Professional Window Cleaning

Clean windows can take a home from “meh” to “wow.” Hand prints, sap, dust and debris all leave their mark. Not only do dirty windows detract from the appearance of the home, reducing curb appeal, but they also inhibit natural sunlight and can disturb the outside view. Our customers often remark how they did not realize how dirty their windows were before seeing the final results of our work.

We recommend exterior window cleaning twice yearly for the average home owner. And, depending on the number of occupants (and age – hello toddler hands!) we suggest interior window cleaning at least once per year. Even if we rotate interior window cleaning into our regular home cleaning, most of us have some windows we cannot reasonably reach to clean on a regular basis.

Is your business image adversely impacted by smudged and dirty windows? Do the windows in your home or business shine, inviting people in and allowing for the best views of the outside? Clean windows can make all the difference, trust us. Contact us today and let us show you.

Professional Window Cleaning  Professional Gutter Cleaning

Experienced Gutter Cleaning

You might not think too much about your gutters until they are overflowing. Then, you realize you have an issue that needs addressed. And yet, the rain may pass, and you might not think about the gutters again until the next time it rains. And then you go around again. The truth is, gutter cleaning should be undertaken two times a year, ideally in the spring and fall.

\The list of reasons why gutter cleaning is integral to home maintenance is long, and includes the following:

  • Gutters protect windows and landscaping from rain damage. Ever notice those unsightly lawn trenches below the roofline of an un-guttered building? Or, ever seen an otherwise beautiful bed of blooms with a big line running right in the middle, below the roof line? It’s due to rain sliding off the roof uncontrolled and can be due to clogged gutters not doing their job.
  • Gutters also protect people from a deluge of run-off. Have you ever tried to scurry into a building with improperly functioning gutters during heavy rain? Ugh!
    When water collects near the wall of a building structure, it can cause real, costly damage, including foundation issues and mold infestation. Properly functioning gutters direct water where it needs to go.
  • Improper drainage due to clogged gutters can cause water to pool on walkways and driveways, which can result in slipping hazards due to mud or, in winter months, ice.
  • Clogged gutters can create quaint little habitats for all things creepy-crawly, including snakes, lizards and spiders. Oh my!
  • Clogged gutters can keep water up against the siding and wood trim of your home, causing costly water damage, including rot and mildew.
  • If they aren’t working properly, beyond the damage and inconvenience caused by overflowing gutters, the look of overflowing gutters is, well, unimpressive. Something especially undesirable for the small business owner.
  • Experienced professionals, Kelley Property Care specializes in the cleaning of metal gutters, vinyl gutters, seamless gutters and downspouts.

Do you have gutter clutter? Not sure when, if ever, your gutters were cleaned? Contact us today for a free assessment.

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