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Cleaning Out Your Worries

Is your gutter overflowing with dirt and debris? If the seasons have been clogging your gutters, then it is time to clean it out. A neglected gutter can lead to flooding and damage to the foundation, roof, and fascia boards. 

That’s why it’s important to call today for a professional gutter cleaning service from Kelley Property Care. Our team of service professionals are experts on ladders and can safely and effectively clean out your gutters to ensure proper water flow. Call today for a free estimate!

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Why does my gutter need to be cleaned Now?

Your gutter is an important part of your home and while cleaning it may be a nuisance, it is still a part of your home that needs to be taken care of. Taking the day to clean the gutter isn’t ideal for many, but if the responsibility isn’t taken care of the risk of a more permanent damage being done to the home is great. Though the responsibility of cleaning it is a pain, there are benefits to having your gutter cleaned and hiring Kelley Care Property professionals to clean it. Some of these benefits include:

  • Eliminates Pest Infestations – Once you have your gutter cleaned, you are eliminating the chance of mice, birds, mosquitos, rats, and insects infesting your gutter. Along with eliminating these animals, you will also be ridding your gutter of tree seed growth, fungi, and other plants that will destroy your home.
  • Roof’s Life Extended – Your roof can see an extended life duration with a clean gutter.
  • Water Damage Prevented – With the main cause of structure damage being water damage, a clean gutter will prevent the damage from taking over your home.
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Keep Yourself OFF The Ladder

There are thousands of ladder injuries each year in the U.S., and many of them are the result of inexperienced users. While the process of cleaning your gutters may seem straightforward, it can be just the opposite for most. 

Getting on a ladder can be dangerous and is almost always time consuming. Even if you manage to handle the job without injuring yourself, you will never get back the hours that you spent nervously climbing and tediously moving a ladder all day.

Call now for a free quote for the best gutter cleaning service in the area and take back your time.

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The Dangers Of a Clogged Gutter

Some of the other dangers of leaving your gutter clogged include:

  • Roof Damage – If your gutter stays clogged, you stand the chance of having a damaged roof. The proper flow of water can become impeded, causing an overflow of rainwater. With an overflow of water, your roof will eventually become damaged and the repairs may be costly with there being a high chance of your roofing system needing to be overhauled.
  • Hubs for Pests – A clogged gutter can be an invitation for uninvited pests. The accumulation of debris makes a clogged gutter a good hub for rodents. This would also be an area of infestation for disease-causing organisms. Letting the Kelley Property Care professionals clean out your gutter will eliminate any chance of pests making your gutter their home.
  • Foundation Damage – Your home’s foundation from the overflow of water dripping too close to the foundation will be left unstable if your gutter is clogged.
  • Lowered Home Value – The value of your home can be lowered if your gutter is clogged and the aesthetic beauty of it can be harmed if it is left uncleaned.

Even though this is a job that may seem like you can do it yourself, it is best to contact our professionals at Kelley Property Care to provide you with the best service.


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