Restore and prevent fading, staining, and eroding.

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Expert Sealing For Every Surface

Clear Sealer

Deco 20 is a water based PENETRATING sealer that gives you a waterproof and algae proof barrier! This product is great for concrete surfaces, stone surfaces or any other surface that you don't want to enhance the color of.

Enhancing Sealer

Silacast is also a PENETRATING sealer that offers a wet look and UV protection to enhance the beauty in your stone, pavers, or other decorative surface! This product creates a waterproofing and algae-proof barrier against the elements.

Decorative Sealer

Travacast is a topical, high gloss sealer that is perfect for non-porous stone like Travertine, Pavers, and other Natural Stones! This sealer provides a wet look and does provide UV protection and waterproofing.

Blacktop Sealer

Our blacktop sealer otherwise known as sealcoating is great for worn out and dull looking asphalt. It will rejuvenate and enhance the look of your home or business.

Keeping Your Home Fortified Should Be Your Priority

Protect your hardscape investments by regularly sanding and sealing your patio, driveway, front path, fire pit, and retaining walls. The elements will wreak havoc on your hardscapes, especially in the South. UV rays and humid air, together with rain, cause stones to break down and erode, and colors start to fade.

Kelley Property Care’s professionals have the skills and equipment to protect and restore your pavers. With our years of experience, we have perfected the art of paver sealing. We can make your outdoor hardscapes reinforced and shine through the best paver sealers and sealing practices.

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Paver Sealing That Lasts

We only use the best of the best. When it comes to paver sealers, we select only industry-grade products to make sure your home’s pavers will have the same lasting shine as commercial establishments.

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Our Paver Sanding Process

The sand between pavers plays a functional role as well as an aesthetic one. When sealed with a joint-stabilizing sealer, the sand keeps your pavers in place. This practice helps mitigate weed growth and will prevent moisture from seeping in and underneath the pavers.
We prefer to use silica-based sand due to our subtropical, moisture-rich environment. Silica-based sand is free of nutrients, which helps to reduce organic growth. Others may use polymeric sand because of its stabilizing properties.
However, if it’s not installed in our damp environment properly, it can leave an unpleasant haze on the pavers and won’t fill joints as deeply as it should. With the proper application of commercial grade sealers, the sand will be “flooded” with hardening agents, thus keeping the sand and pavers in place and inhibiting weed growth.

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What Is Brick Paver and Concrete Sealing?

Sealing your pavers is like putting a fresh coat of wax on your car. Just like the wax on your vehicle, paver sealing forms a barrier, locking out harmful moisture and UV rays. Unfortunately, just like the wax on your car – sealers will wear away. Heavy rain, sunlight, and even foot or automobile traffic will wear the sealer over time, no longer protecting your investments.
You should prioritize sealing driveways, patios, pool decks, firepits, walkways, and any surface that consists of travertine, concrete, or bricks. Keeping them sealed will not only make your property look aesthetically better but will also make it last longer.
We suggest resealing every 2-4 years depending on the amount of sun and rain exposure. We also recommend cleaning your outdoor surfaces every six months to reduce dirt and algae buildup to prevent wearing.
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